ENVE New SES 4.5 disc carbon wheelset


The SES 4.5 was the beginning of the revolution of the Smart ENVE System. Tested and optimized in the Mercedes GP Petronas Wind Tunnel, the SES 4.5 is the fastest rim on the market when tested on a modern aero road or triathlon frame and compared to rims of a similar depth. The new shape of the SES 4.5 is wider than previous SES models to improve aero performance in modern bicycle frames and to improve ride characteristics when paired with tires between 24mm and 26mm wide depending on your tire brand of choice.

When compared to ENVE’s historic line of SES wheels, the 4.5 essentially matches the aero performance of the previous SES 6.7 which was much deeper rim at 60mm in the front and 70mm in the back, while retaining lower weight and more crosswind resistance.

Need tires, rotors, cassette to go with these bad boys? Let us know- we've got lots of options to choose from and would be stoked to send them laced up ready to ride!